It's a pleasure for us to welcome you at Patscherkofel.
The Patscherkofelbahn will be in operation daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Every Thursday evening rides with Patscherkofelbah until 11.00 pm.

The Stone Pine Trail is closed actually.
The Kofele’s quiz walking tour will be open from June 8th on.
The Kofele’s bee trail are in progress actually.

The Alpine garden Patscherkofel will be open from June 1st on.

The Gipfelstube will be renovated actually. In mid-August will be open again.
01.06.2023 / 08:02
The Kofel has the events!
Evening rides with Patscherkofelbahn / every Thu until 11.00 pm

BODYwork at Kofel / 03.06. / 16.06. / 29.06. / 15.07. / 27.07. / 12.08. / 07.09.

Sundown-Yoga at Kofel / every Thu at 6.30 pm from 25.05. on
Sunday-Morning-Yoga at Kofel / every Sun at 10.30 am from 28.05.on

Midsummer night "Bergsonnwend" at Kofel / 17.06.
Midsummer night "Bergsonnwend"-Yoga at Kofel / 17.06.
Kofele goes beekeeper / 02.07.
The Home Mountain has the Blues / 16.07.
Open-air concert "Platzkonzert" at Das Kofel / 12.08. / 26.08.

More information will follow at Home Mountain - Events.
19.05.2023 / 07:39

Student- and Senior days – every Monday and Tuesday!
Students born until 1995 and seniors born 1957 and earlier receive with valid ID a reduction of 50% of the tickets of Patscherkofelbahn.

Gourmet-Breakfast at Das Kofel restaurant!
Open every day in the heart of a breathtaking mountain scenery.

Visit Das Hausberg Restaurant with large sun terrace, large Kofele’s playground and e-bike charging station.

19.05.2023 / 07:38
The Kofel for children!

Kofele's Quiz Walking Tour with 13 stations from the mountain station to the summit with a surprise in Das Kofel restaurant. Will be open from June 8th on.

Kofele’s bee trail with 7 stations not far away from the Hochmahdalm with a surprise in the Hochmahdalm. Actually in progress.

Kofele’s children playground at Das Hausberg restaurant.

Hiking trails for children with owl, deer and fox.

19.05.2023 / 07:36

Please observe the prevailing weather conditions. In case of storm we may be forced to discontinue the operation of our lift services.

Dogs have to wear a muzzle in the cable car.

Bicycles can not be transported with Patscherkofelbahn.

19.05.2023 / 07:35

Welcome to Innsbruck's
home mountain.

Our Offerings

The ropeway

In 30 minutes from the city to the Patscherkofel, in the middle of the biggest pinetree forrest of the alps at 1965m. The cable car takes only 10 minutes from the vally station up to the mountain station.

Wheelchair user and familys with baby buggy are able to enjoy Patscherkofelbahn accessible.
        - parking for handicapped at parking P2
        - accessible access to the valley station from
          parking P2
       - parking for handicapped at the valley station  
       - accessible access to the toilets at the valley-,
          middle- and mountain station and to the
          restaurants Das Hausberg, Das Kofel,
          to the Intersport Patscherkofel
       - accessible access to the Patscherkofelbahn

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Our Restaurants at the Home Mountain.

Regional cuisine in a modern ambience! The restaurants at the Patscherkofel: "Das Hausberg"  at the valley station and "Das Kofel"  at the mountain station. Experience modern architecture, great views and wonderful food, coffee and drinks.
With big sun terrace and Kofele's childreans playground in both restaurants.

Patscherkofel Gourmet Gondola offer a Time-Out-Dinner on Thursday evenings or a Gourmet Gondola breakfast from Wed to Sun- you unique culinariy enjoy at the Home Mountain.

More information

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Your Seminar at Patscherkofel.

The seminar and wokshop rooms at 1.965 m.
With space for up to 34 people in seminar room Patscherkofel.
Individual seating and hight-quality regional catering on request from the "Das Kofel" restaurant. Non-binding offers and bookings via

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Hiking on the home

The cable car offers various possibilities to explore Innsbrucks home mountain by foot.  Experience tremendous views at the Zirbenweg, at the panoramic way "Jochleitensteig" the "Gipfelweg", the "Vitalweg" or the Kofele's Quiz hike and the Children hike trails.

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Every Thursday:
Evening rides with Patscherkofelbahn.

Evening rides every Thursday with Patscherkofelbahn until 11.00 pm.
The restaurant "Das Kofel" will be open until 10.45 pm.


Find out more about numerous events on Innsbrucks Home Mountain. There is something for everyone!

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Cable Car
Bob Run
Arolla Pine Trail
Changing Room
Alpine Garden
Ticket Purchase
Bike Route
First Aid Room
Seminar rooms
Intersport Patscherkofel
BoConcept Lounge
Children's playground
E-charging stations

Public Transportation

IVB, Line J
VVT, Line 4132, 4134
IVB, Line 6


Patscherkofel Ropeway Section I (valley to middle station)
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section II (middle to mountain station)
Arolla Pine Trail
Arolla Pine Trail (Zirbenweg) above Innsbruck.

A famous, popular and well-trodden path that is still an uplifting experience every time! The Arolla Pine Trail ("Zirbenweg") above Innsbruck runs from the Patscherkofel mountain station to the Tulfein Alm chalet in Tulfes.
Also possible in the opposite direction..

You can take a bus from Tulfes to the Patscherkofel valley station in Igls, from where you can take the cable car to an altitude of 1,965 m in the greatest of comfort. The trail begins above Schutzhaus Patscherkofel, heading east. The ÖAV Patscherkofel nature trail also starts here.

The Zirbenweg trail follows a wide, steep path to the Boscheben chalet, which is somewhat hidden away. The trail ascends and descends gently without significant changes in altitude as it runs along the edge of the forest, at an altitude of over 2,000 m, to the Tulfein Alm.Throughout the entire walk, you can look down at the Inn valley and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Karwendel mountain chain opposite. Near Tulfein Alm, you could take the cable car of Glungezerbahn to the valley station to Tulfes in comfort.

Also possible in the opposite direction. 

Alpine botanical garden and Hiking along the forest limit

The Patscherkofel Alpine Garden is the highest botanical garden in Austria and has been in the possession of the University of Innsbruck since 1930. Its favourable location right at the tree line provides the perfect environment for naturally occurring plant communities, such as dwarf shrubs, high forest and tall perennials. Interested visitors (admission free) will enjoy the signed circular walk with information on the sensitive balance of these vulnerable habitats, which deserve to be protected.

For more information go to Alpine Garden University Innsbruck

Hiking Bus Timetable
Ascent: 200 m

Descent: 100 m
Suitable for beginners and experienced hikers

Walking time
around 2,5 h

  7 km (excluding bus and cable car journeys)

The Arolla Pine Trail (Zirbenweg) day ticket for using the bus and cable car facilities is available here:

Patscherkofel Cable Car Valley Station
Hours: Mo. - Su. 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
+43 / 512 37 72

Glungezer Cable Car Valley Station

Hours: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
+43 / 5223 78

Bus Service
During the day there are regular buses between Tulfes and Igls. For more information, please consult the timetable at

Direct bus line 4132/4134 from Glungezerbahn to Patscherkofelbahn from 03.06. to 08.07.2023.
From 09.07.2023 on new bus line 530 and 540 with changing possibility in Aldrans

Transfer to Igls
When the hiking bus is not running, it is possible to arrange a private taxi at Taxi Evkaya. Simply call: +43 / 676 32 10 371

Car for up to four people: € 35,- per trip
Minibus for up to eight people: € 40,- per trip

The waiting time for the taxi is 15 to 20 minutes.
Food and Drink
You will find many lodges and chalets where you can stop for a bite to eat along the Stone Pine Trail. For more information, see the section on Gastronomy.
At a height of 1,952 m, you can take in the sight of the largest stone pine forest in the Alps as well as stunning views of the city.
Botanischer Garten
Botanischer Garten
The entrance to this unique Alpine garden is located next to the mountain station of the Patscherkofel cable car.
The large viewing platform made entirely of wood is perfect for admiring the Karwendel mountain panorama.
Almen & Hütten
Hütten & Almen
There are many lodges and chalets along the Stone Pine Trail where hikers can stop for a bite to eat.

Summer above 
the city.


Summer season from 20.05 to 29.10.2023
Regular Prices


Kofel Ticket
Two-way ticket€ 27.00

One-way ticket€ 18.40

Arolla Pine
excl. bus
€ 32.00

Arolla Pine
incl. bus
€ 35.50


€ 23,60

€ 15.00

Arolla Pine
excl. bus
€ 25.50

Arolla Pine
incl. bus
€ 28.50


€ 24.90

€ 16.80

Arolla Pine
excl. bus
€ 28.50

Arolla Pine
incl. bus
€ 32.00


€ 15.00

€ 9.80

Arolla Pine
excl. bus
€ 18.50

Arolla Pine
incl. bus
€ 21.00

Season pass Summer 

Adult:               € 268,00
Youth:              € 213,00
Senior:             € 236,00
Child:                € 160,00

Category Kofel Ticket and Season pass Summer

Children: Born between 2007 and 2016
Youths: Born between 2004 and 2006
Senior Citizens: Born in 1957 and earlier

The seniors tarif also applies to school attendees and students born since 1995, apprentices, people who carrying out military service.
The youth rate applies to disabled persons from 60%, each with valid ID.


Children born since 2017 (inclusive) are free of charge if accompanied by their parents.

Arolla Pine Trail Ticket

The Arolla Pine Trail Tricket, valid for the cable cars, is available at the Patscherkofel cable car valley station and at the Glungezer cable car valley station.

Arolla Pine Trail Ticket also with bus ticket available.

Children: Born between 2008 and 2017
Youths: Born between 2005 and 2007
Senior Citizens: Born in 1958 and earlier
Children born since 2018 (inclusive) are free of charge if accompanied by their parents.

Kofel Card: 1 year Home Mountain for € 399,-

Valid from 1st october 2022 to 30th september 2023.

Adult:                  normal tarif: 
 399,00               Family tarif:  399,00
Youth:                 normal tarif:  319,00               Family tarif:  231,00
Senior:                normal tarif: € 359,00               Family tarif:  359,00
Child:                   normal tarif:  239,00               Family tarif:    85,00


May 20th - October 29th 2023

Patscherkofel cable car will be open daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Evening rides on Thursdays until 11.00 pm.


Car Parking
Coach Parking
Parking Area
Cable Car
Cash Desk
Bus Station



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